Day Of The Dachshund

Back by popular demand! Following sellout parties in 2021, we’re celebrating with a third instalment of ‘Day of the Dachshund’.

Apart from the exquisite beer, perhaps the most loved German export to our shores has been the noble Dachshund. Those beautiful little sausages have captured our imaginations and our hearts with their tiny legs, expressive tails and cute mannerisms. At Wunderbar, we want to celebrate all things Dachshund with a huge ‘Day of the Dachshund’ party.

The idea is very simple; bring your Dachshund down to Wunderbar to meet other like-minded sausage dog lovers and enjoy some delicious Bavarian food and German beers. We will be running a ‘Best Dressed’ competition, which will be awarded to the best dressed Dachshund & owner!

Entry is completely free! Open from 12pm onwards.

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